Adjustable Scrapers

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Adjustable Scrapers

The Adjustable Scraper line of tools intended use is for the preparation of polyethylene pipe prior to performing an electrofusion.

All Adjustable Scraper tools peel a “ribbon” of oxidized polyethylene material off of the pipe to expose the virgin material beneath the surface.This booklet will help you understand the safety, functionality, and maintenance for the Adjustable Scraper line of tools.

It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure the tool is functioning properly and that proper electrofusion protocols are followed.



Prior to using your Adjustable Scraper tool, verify the following parameters;

  • Make sure the entire tool is free of loose dirt and grease. Travel wheels, blade, blade holder, and any other part of tool that touches the pipe should be especially clean and free of any debris or build-up.
  • Verify that the top knob turns freely and the head travels up and down the threaded rod
  • All wheels should be present and turn freely
  • The blade and blade housing should be free of dirt
  • The blade housing is spring loaded and should move in and out freely
  • The set screw knob on the back of the tool should move freely and lock the threaded screw in place
  • The guide rods and threaded rod should be visibly straight and true
  • The guide rods and threaded rod should be wiped clean and lightly oiled as needed.

NOTE – If any of the aforementioned items fail, do not use the tool, take corrective action



Prior to installing a Adjustable Scraper Tool make sure the pipe has been properly prepared.

  • Take care to remove enough soil around the circumference of the pipe to spin the tool freely.
  • Wipe excess soil, dirt, mud, water, or other contaminants from the pipe using a clean cloth
  • Remove or “pop out” any small stones or miscellaneous debris that may be embedded in the pipe from directional drilling applications


Before you install your Adjustable Scraper, verify that your tool is appropriately sized for the pipe you are about to scrape.

  • Raise the upper head of the tool by rotating the top knob
    counter clockwise
  • Orient the tool for the proper direction of travel by using the
    arrows on the upper head of the tool
  • Align the blade with the pipe end (for couplings) or the end
    of your fusion area marks (for tapping tees or saddles)
  • Hold the lower jaw rollers against the pipe
  • Secure the tool on the pipe by rotating the top knob hand
    tight in clockwise direction
  • The tool is secure when the blade housing is fully compressed
    into the head of the tool


Once the tool is installed properly, rotate the tool around the pipe following the directional arrows on the top of the tool.

  • Make sure the tool is operating smoothly
  • If operating properly, the tool should creep down the pipe in the direction of the arrow, removing a consistent ribbon
  • Verify the ribbon is even and complete throughout operation
  • Refer to Section 7 for proper ribbon thickness
  • Scrape in accordance with pipe, fitting, and company specifications
  • When the blade of the tool has traveled over the entire area to be scraped, remove the tool from the pipe by turning the top knob counter clockwise.


Your Adjustable Scraper tool should be periodically checked for visible wear and tear. Although many of these items are covered in the operating instructions, the following list of items will assist in keeping your tools operating properly.

  • Is the tool clean and free of foreign material? (dirt, excess grease, etc…)
    – Clean with compressed air, a clean rag, or a light soap/water solution
    – Allow tool to dry completely before using
    – Apply a light coat of grease to the operating screw
  • Are the guide rods and feed screw straight? Does the tool look racked or bent?
    Is it hard to rotate the adjusting knob?